Foot-in-mouth disease

Lately I have been thinking about the growing number of international thugs, organizers of genocide, terrorists, and autocrats who have taken hypocrisy to an almost unimaginable level. Well, its getting worse. Over on Michael J. Totten’s blog, I told some of my fellow commentators that Sri Lanka — the emerging dictatorship that literally blasted its way through refugee camps to kill its enemies — would probably join the anti-Israel chorus. Well, here it is…

A propaganda poster for Sri Lanka's president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, seen shortly after the military crushed the Tamil rebellion in the north (photo/Corey Hunt).

Colombo, 03 June, (

The Sri Lankan government today (June 2) condemned Israel’s attack on an aid flotilla which was carrying supplies for Palestinian people on Monday.

On Monday’s predawn operation carried out by the Israeli defence forces at least ten civilians who were in the boats which were carrying, food, medicine and essential items were killed.

The attack had taken place off the coast of Gaza in international waters in a bid to thwart a blockade in Gaza.

Sri Lanka today joined hands with several other counties that brought international condemnation to Israel’s barbaric act.

The reports of attacks during the Israeli military operation on boats carrying supplies for Palestinian people in international waters off the coast of Gaza have caused grave distress to the Government and the people of Sri Lanka, states the Ministry of External Affairs.

“Sri Lanka deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries resulting from this operation. Indiscriminate use of force to prevent the carriage of supplies for people under occupation is condemned,” it stated.

“The attack has caused grave distress to the government and the people of Sri Lanka,” the statement said.

Sri Lanka needs to appoint a minister in the department of hypocrisy and propaganda affairs — its surprising they have time to condemn Israel since they have been so busy defending the “heroic” actions of their soldiers during last years’ final conflict with the Tamil Tigers. You know, like when Sri Lankan commandos lobbed mortars into a makeshift hospital and incinerated almost 50 already-injured people. Or maybe the biggest accomplishment of the Sri Lankan State is that fact that the final operations of its civil war killed about 10 times as many civilians as the Israeli attack on Gaza last year. Yes, commanders from the Israeli Defense Forces should be sent to Sri Lanka to learn about how officers and their soldiers should properly conduct themselves when fighting a guerrilla force.

Then again, maybe the Government of Sri Lanka and its power-usurping president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, should just shut their mouths and lead by example — perhaps they could begin treating their Tamil citizens like humans and apologize for killing wounded civilians at hospitals. After that, they should accept an international probe into atrocities committed by its military — like the one that is being demanded for Israel. As the embers left behind from Sri Lanka’s civil war continue to smolder in the scorched-earth northern parts of the country, international hypocrisy is exploding at the seams.


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4 Responses to “Foot-in-mouth disease”

  1. sandun dhammika Says:

    hi, I am a Sri Lankan sinhaleese and I really hate what our president is
    doing in the international level. What I can see is he can’t say without
    giving and messing with somebody’s else’s problems. What he did is
    completely foolish, we have no right put our nose into your country’s

    But if somebody supports to the LTTE then we can’t be silient in that
    case. We are the ppl who suffered from this LTTE thing more than 30
    years,and they are suside bombers who attack to civilian transport
    busses. If you are supporting to the LTTE side then you ppl are really
    don’t know what kind of ppl you’r supporting. They are the ppl who
    fight with Cianite/They got NO LIMITS no ethics. Please don’t mind
    golayan died but same trick won’t work for this complicated LTTE
    problem. Please just understand the ppl who you are helping to.You have
    no idea about it. If any nationality is supporting LTTE and taking their
    side then they are no longer welcome infront of sinhaleese community.

    and extremely sorry for our president’s behaviour.He is just mouth
    opening and he want some attention among the international royal
    things. Once he tried to make a photograph with the current US president
    and he refused it , finally there was a Photograph anyway with US president
    and his wife. Finally the mede prove that it’s a photo-edited version and
    not what something extractly happen. Just take understand about the political
    background in sri lanka.Politician’s are just like 4 year old kids, but if your
    pointing the fingure agains the Sinhaleese community,I warn you that’s something that you should not do.Because most of the Sinhaleese don’t
    have any idea about Isarel problems , those politicians are giving big talks
    does not represents a normal Sinhaleese civilian idea.

  2. sandun dhammika Says:

    [quote]Mahinda Rajapaksa, should just shut their mouths [/quote]

    I strongly agree with you in this fact. The problem of Isral is non
    of our (Sinhaleese) business and I either can’t understand why he can’t keep his
    nose out the trouble.

    please don’t support LTTE , what they telling to the world is completely fake.
    “bombing on hospitals” those things are LTTE sounds. LTTE is non of your
    (ppl of Isral) business either,and I suggest you to stay out of this trouble.

    Mahinda is seeking the attention and international repetution , Not only
    infront of our Sinhaleese ppl and among the international also. He is
    famous for his boasting thousand talks! I kindly apologize as a Sinhalese ,
    about our president’s BIG MOUTH! Probably before speaking about those
    Irasel problem and messing with ,there are tons of internal problems inside sri lanka that needs
    his attention.

  3. billy Says:

    sri lankan hypocritical? looks like another western nobody commenting on things that has no knowledge about..r u saying the army who saved over 300000 tamils from the tamil tiger human shield plus over 12000 tamil terrorists to have second chance in life to live as humans and not as barbarians while sacrificing over 6000 sri lankan slodiers, just because the could not fire back because of the civilians..ur quoting some unverified information about make shift hospitals bombing while conveniently forgetting that there were no prrof to say wjo fired at them and the fact that terrorists were using the same areas to fire at the army shows the typical western hypocrisy in u..we suffered 30 years thanks to western and indian sponsored terrorism and while u people invade countries in far away killing millions of civlians and u r here complaining about some unverified speculations about sri lanka..hypocrisy my foot….

  4. Corey Hunt Says:

    Billy, Sandun…

    As you know, my site has moved. I will transfer your comments over to my new blog, and reply to them there. Thank you for starting the discussion!

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