The world we live in is not the one they want

If you read the news headlines last week, you may have been led to believe that “hundreds of thousands” of Iranians rallied in support of “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he spoke in Tehran on February 11th, the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Waves of police and Basiji terrorists were deployed across the city to stifle the opposition…and not one non-state media outlet was permitted to cover events outside of the official government rally.

Those of us in society who value freedom of speech and religion don’t have to be subjected to lies like this anymore. Google Earth, which is shown above, firmly debunks the government claims of popular support. According to these images, they were not even able to fill the square with supporters around Azadi Tower, where the fraudulent “president” puffed out his hot air.

Its easy to see why the “Islamic Republic” would prefer to live in the dark ages, isn’t it? The regime recently opened fire on Google by announcing the indefinite suspension of Gmail (this is unfortunate, as I use this with many of my Iranian friends). Its good to see Google bite back — and this time, Ahmadi can’t blame this one on “mistranslation” like his supporters have done with many of his stupid statements and rants.


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