Worthy of a peace prize

I’m working on a more thorough post at the moment and I’m also getting ready for a new project next month, which I will be announcing shortly. In the meantime, I’ve had this on my mind…

Glenn Beck disappointed me with his comments about Scott Brown after the soon-to-be-senator won the Massachusetts election…other recent statements and actions by this commentator have led me to fear that he is aligning himself with the Ron Paul-type fringe movement. However, I still think that he has done tremendous good, in spite of what others may say about him. Just look at this video he made a few years back, when all hope seemed lost in Iraq and the media was reminding us *every* day. Personally, I think Beck should have been awarded a peace prize for being one of the few media figures willing to embrace the truth.

Glenn Beck, you are a hero for making this video and I wish everyone in the media was more like you on this subject, including today.


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