The revenge of the drones

The US military should release this video to Hakimullah Mehsud, his Pakistani Taliban, and the other terrorists swarming Pakistan in response to the video that was released on Saturday:

Hakimullah has become the Pakistani version of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, the Al-Qaeda leader who conducted massive terrorism against Iraqi civilians…and now he is angry about the death of his own leader, Baitullah Mehsud, who was taken out by a predator drone back in August. In response, the Pakistani Taliban has released punishing attacks on Pakistani civilians from Peshawar to Karachi, killing almost 1,000 people in the last few months and terrorizing fellow Muslims. Now they’ve claimed responsibility for an attack on the CIA. The CIA bomber–a Jordanian double-agent–targeted a base in Afghanistan used for US drone attacks in Pakistan.

Here is the video that was released by the bomber…he’s seen sitting beside Hakimullah. Honestly, I find this very frightening. The face of extremism has changed a lot in recent years…while Bin Laden may be dead, Hakimullah Mehsud (who is only in his 20’s) is leading a new campaign of violence that has brought chaos down upon a nuclear-armed state.

What’s even scarier than Hakimullah though is the Pakistani Army’s complete inability to see who the real enemy is. As attacks bring carnage to its cities, it seems there’s always some police chief, intel officer, or government minister who blames India, instead of fellow Muslims, for the violence. Pakistan continues to keep its best soldiers on its border with India, even as the Taliban destabilizes the country to unprecedented levels that could lead to an fundamentalist Revolution.

It’s important to say that the drone attacks have continued…with 6 of them taking place in the last week alone. As Hakimullah and his allies continue to hide, drones are flying over the snow-capped peaks of Pakistan with their images in mind. Zarqawi and Baitullah Mehsud lived by the bomb…and they died by the bomb. As Johnny Cash would say “When the man comes around…”

The Taliban should think things through. Hakimullah has used a disproportionately high number of teenage suicide bombers for his attacks, which suggests that he and his top commanders might not be as willing to face death as they say claim they are.


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10 Responses to “The revenge of the drones”

  1. roblorinov Says:

    I agree with your assessment of the situation in Pakistan. However, don’t count on the Taliban thinking at all. They only have one thing on their minds and that is human slaughter. I don’t care what al-Qeda or the Taliban want to spout as their “cause” the fact is they are all psychotics bent on murder! The world needs to put forth a real and sincere effort to eliminate them instead of the half measures it has applied thus far.

    The video at the top is GREAT! It should be broadcast worldwide daily as a reminder to “would be” terrorists!!

  2. C.H. Says:


    Thanks for the feedback! I agree, these monsters don’t seem to have any ability to think at all…the only time they do, it seems, is when they need to enlist a “martyr” to blow himself up, because usually it ends up being some brainwashed teenager from the tribal areas. The only cause they can bring to Pakistan is destruction.

    The military should definitely send this video out…I wish Hakimullah could receive it in his cave, lair, or whatever he’s hiding in now.

  3. roblorinov Says:

    C.H. I find it sad that they recruit and then brainwash teens from tribal areas who really have no clue and whom I don’t think fully understand that they are about to blow themselves up. I’d like to hear more about this Hakimullah guy. What a CREEP! I knew someone would step in and replace bin Laden and it looks like this is the CREEP selected. Personally, I think we need to reactivate the CIA assassination squads. We are getting nowhere fast in our War on Terrorism I think and it’s primarily because our politicians won’t stay out of the war and let the Generals do their jobs. I don’t know if you have read the most recent Rules of Engagement (ROE) for our conflict in Afghanistan but they are an absolute JOKE! Our soldiers basically can do nothing but be sitting targets! Anyway, GREAT BLOG and keep up the GOOD WORK!!

  4. C.H. Says:

    Rob, I’ve seen the rules of engagement and its sickening. I also found it repugnant when the Nigerian bomber who tried to attack on Christmas was arrested and “read his rights” as if he had just held up a convenience store or something. The leaders of these fundamentalists, including Mehsud, are much more than just criminals…and anyone who glances the headlines even once in a while should know that.

    From all I can tell, Mehsud (supplemented by several others, like the Haqqanis) has replaced Bin Laden as the nexus of Islamic fanaticism, at least in South Asia. I’m about ready to count myself in among the growing number of people who believe Bin Laden is dead. I don’t like when certain politicians suggest that capturing OBL will somehow end the madness that his followers have created…most of the fundamentalism is exported by nation states anyway, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and although the government in the US would like to deny it–Pakistan. In fact, even as Hakimullah and the Pakistani Taliban wage war in Pakistani cities, Pakistan’s ISI appears to continue its backing for Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group that attacked Mumbai at the end of 2008. The Pakistanis seem to think that backing these thugs will “liberate” Kashmir, yet as the Muslims are attacking the Indian army, even more extreme Muslims (Taliban) are attacking Pakistani soldiers on Pakistan’s side of Kashmir. With this logic, its easy to see why Pakistan has always had trouble pulling away from being labeled a “failure”, while India has flourished.

    BTW, Hakimullah Mehsud is the guy to the left in the bottom video on this post…he never says anything, he just stares at the camera, which sorta freaked me out. The educated Jordanian doctor speaks in English and explains why he decided to blast himself to bits. Judging by the ferocity of the terrorist attack in Pakistan, Mehsud’s Taliban is a lot more threatening and powerful than the original one led by Mullah Omar…most of the more devastating attacks have hit Pakistan, while the suicide bombings are more crude in Afghanistan (interestingly enough, Pakistan is NOT being occupied by foreign soldiers, unlike its neighbor). Civilians–whether in markets, mosques, or rallies–have become a more frequent target of TTP (Tehreek-e-Talibani, Mehsud’s organization).

    I’m really glad that you like my blog…please keep reading, and I will check out your site.

  5. roblorinov Says:

    I agree that the ROE are sickening. I have 4 nephews fighting in Afghanistan right now in the US Army. They are all really upset over the ROE’s and so am I. War is War! There is no such thing as a “nice war” or as a “politically correct war.” People die in war both the guilty and the innocent. We may set up all the rules of engagement we want BUT I ams sure that the Taliban and al-Qeda are NOT following the same rules. One of the biggest problems over there is identifying the enemy. Who is al-Qeda? Who is a Taliban membe? Who is just a farmer or herdman? It’s hard to tell because they don’t wear uniforms or insignia. Most of the time we can’t even identify the enemy until it is to late! You’d think OUR politicians would be making it EASIER for our men and women to fight the enemy but, instead, they are making more and more difficult and my question is WHY?.

    As for Osama bin Laden I think he’s dead and has been for a long time now. The man had kidney and other health problems. Either he died of health issues or we blew him to Paradise and aren’t saying for whatever reason. As for Hakimullah, he freaked me out as well. He just sits there in the vid not saying anything and look at the expressions on his face. He’s a psycho! He’s got the LOOK! He needs to be put out of commission, the sooner the better.

    This is a new kind of war we are fighting. It’s not army against army. Instead, as you say, it’s State sponsored terrorism. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and others, of course, are sponsoring and supplying these terrorists behind the scenes. I’ve never understood why we buddy up so close to the Saudi’s anyway. Least we NOT forget that most of the terrorists behind 9/11 were Saudi nationals! The Saudi’s have always played both sides of the fence as much as possible. They are NOT our friends and never have been IMO.

    As for Pakistan I have never understood our position at all. We lightly tap around them even though we know for a FACT that there are al-Qeda and Taliban training camps inside Pakistan! Why not take them out! Why not send the message home loud and clear! Something is greatly amiss here and in all of this. Is OBL dead or alive? Why after 9/11 did some of the alleged terrorists come forth and still very much alive? Why has the FBI never changed it’s list of terrorists responsible for 9/11 after these men came forwards still very much alive?

    Whatever the case, the questions, the answers negotiating with these terrorists is not going to work, ever! They have no desire to negotiate with us. They simply hate the West and they want us all dead. That’s all they want from us yet most of us just can’t get that through our thick little heads! I suspect Obama and Co. may be figuring that out by now as he seems to more and more fully realize just what kind of radicals we are up against.

    Thankfully about the only thing the Nigerian terrorist accomplished on Christmas Day over Detroit was setting his own privates afire LOL. I to found it repulisive that the creep was read his rights. Rights? He has NO rights! He’s not a US citizen! Our Constitution and Bill of Rights does NOT apply to everyone on the planet DESPITE what some of our TRAITIOR judges think!! Now he has a PUBLIC DEFENDER and I’m sure his case will soon turn into yet another THREE RING CIRCUS EVENT! I never thought I’d say it but in such cases the SOVIETS had the right idea! Take the creep off the plane, throw his butt in a Gulag, and forget where he’s at!!

    Anyway, CH great conversation and posts!! It’s nice to talk with a NON-drone!!


  6. C.H. Says:

    Wow, you have four nephews serving in the military? I wish them all the best and thank them for what they are doing…I believe that trying to make a difference in the world is the most honorable thing a person can do, and there are many ways to do it. I just hope that they stay safe…please send them my well wishes!

    Anyway, you know what I realized about the Christmas Day attacker? The biggest form of justice he will probably receive is living with the shame of forever being known as “the underwear bomber”…who failed, lol. His case will probably be tied up for years to come, especially with the appeals and what not that will be lodged.

    Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, when Rush Limbaugh was sent to the hospital? I was on twitter then, and I saw how joyful the American far-left was over his ailment…I only wish that they had HALF that kind of hatred for the child-killing “resistance” in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it doesn’t seem that they do.

    BTW, are you using twitter? I’m on there a lot

  7. C.H. Says:

    “He needs to be put out of commission, the sooner the better.”

    I watched the movie “The Dark Knight” the other day and Hakimullah reminds me of a less charismatic version of the Joker. “Some people just like to watch the world burn”, as they say.

  8. roblorinov Says:

    Yes I do have 4 nephews presently serving in the US Army in Iraq and I will pass your well wishes along to them which I am sure they will appreciate. Our soldiers over there have to put up with so much political crap that when they hear from supportive Americans they feel like they are given a breath of fresh air. I their behalf I say THANK YOU to you and to all who support our men and women in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. I worry about them every day. So far they are staying safe and I hope they continue to do so.

    As for the Underwear Bomber of this past Christmas Day you’re right. The only thing he accomplished was forever being remembered as the underwear bomber who fried his family jewels LOL. Well I guess he got his 5 minutes of fame afterall….snicker…snicker. I’m sure his case will be tied up for years and lawyers haggle back and forth and JUSTICE is DELAYED as long as possible. I’m sure he’ll be treated with kit gloves so as not to offend any Muslim EVEN THOUGH most MAINSTREAM muslims do NOT support the terrorists all all. Everything will be nice and PC and JUSTICE will suffer in the end as always!

    Yes I recall Rush’s health problems a few weeks ago and, like wild DOGS with RABIES, the left had a field day with it. They showed their TRUE COLORS, that is, when it comes down to it their “concern” for “human welfare” is absolute 100% CRAP!! A few years back radio talk show host MICHAEL SAVAGE wrote a book entitled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” and I think the title alone hits it on the head. As for being on twitter the answer is no I am not.

    Hakimullah does remind me of a B-Movie JOKER lol. He likes to create havoc and then sit back in SAFETY in silence. Sociopathic?…yes…PSYCHOPATHIC….YOU BET!!

    A friend of mine informed me yesterday that Britain is considering removing accounts of the WWII Holocaust from school lessons there because it “offends Islam.” More CRAP! Now let’s LIE about history and PRETEND it nver happened so we don’t offend anyone. You know what? LIFE IS ABOUT BEING OFFENDED! Napoleon attacking Russia offends me. So do we through that out of the history books too???

    The fact is that the terrorists lunatics are ACHIEVING THEIR GOALS. They are bringing the West to it’s knees via terror, intimidation, and political correctness! And what does the West do? COWARE DOWN! Coware when we SHOULD be standing up to these nut cases and stopping them in their tracks!! The West is in decline but we need NOT blame Muslims as our own COWARDLY leaders are at FAULT!! I forsee a New and Improved Islamic Empire taking over the West and all WITHOUT firing a shot!! The remote places of Siberia are looking better and better to me LMAO.

  9. He’s baaaaack! « Better Now Than Never Says:

    […] By Corey Hunt A few months ago I posted about Hakimullah Mehsud, the violent leader of the Pakistani Taliban. Shortly after, he was reported to have been killed in […]

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