Matthews lets the air out

I thought it was dumb when Chris Matthews asked “is it a crime to call Al-Qaeda?” while discussing the shooting at Fort Hood. I also thought it was dumb when he practically giggled with Keith Olbermann about the tingle that was running up his leg after Obama spoke.  This tops it all though.

Meanwhile, Michael Moore has set himself loose on Obama, saying that he is the new “War President” and comparing his speech to Bush’s surge address in 2007. Its almost as if the American far-left is trying to eat its own head with all of this madness taking place.

Off topic, but in case you need it, here’s something to lighten the mood…watch the Iraqi “shoe thrower” get a shoe chucked at him.


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2 Responses to “Matthews lets the air out”

  1. MK Says:

    “Its almost as if the American far-left is trying to eat its own head with all of this madness taking place.”

    Oh how i wish they’d shoot themselves in the ass, often.

    As for the shoe-thrower, couldn’t have happened to a more deserving scumbag. One of the things i thought amusing, and i’m sure it sailed right over the heads of the cretins, is that all the america-hating arab world can muster at the leader of the western world was his shoe and personal attire, like a child filled with impotent rage.

    They never stop to ask, why is it that their culture only provides them with a personal effect to throw at someone they so obviously consider to be inferior to them.

  2. C.H. Says:

    Unfortunately MK, that’s the way it is in much of the Arab world. Its people like Zaidi who are holding Iraq back…they would prefer to burn flags and throw shoes instead of allowing their country to move forward. Most of the Arab world is mired in Anti-Israel sentiment too, so they never move forward. Meanwhile, Israelis don’t dance around burning Syrian or Saudi flags…they accept that war and extremism affect their daily lives and are able to build a high-tech society.

    I saw this a lot in India…India is a country with a booming economy that is rising on the world stage. Indians have made major contributions to the fields of technology and Medicine…the country is on its way to superpower status. Meanwhile, its neighbor, Pakistan, is mired in hating India…which has given it a bitter population, an disaterous economy, and the Taliban.

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