Just two weeks from now

Hard to believe I’m going to be in Kathmandu, Nepal, in under two weeks. I’ve been reading up as much as I can and keeping in touch with friends and contacts who live there, but I can’t imagine I will understand the spectacular culture  the city has to offer until I am actually walking through its streets. Its hard to express my excitement through a blog post.

Anyway, here is a video I found on YouTube, taken by a traveler, of traffic in Kathmandu.

I will be leaving for Delhi even sooner…in fact, I’ll be heading out there just days from now. During my stays in both countries, I will be blogging and updating twitter regularly, although it will probably be from an internet cafe half the time.


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5 Responses to “Just two weeks from now”

  1. Sandybelle Says:

    Best wishes Corey 🙂 🙂 take care of yourself while you there.. be blessed and stay safe.

  2. Corey Hunt Says:

    Thank you so much, Sandy. I will be posting and keeping you updated 😀

  3. anand Says:

    Stay safe Corey. Enjoy the trip!

  4. Lynnette in Minnesota Says:

    Safe journey, Corey.

  5. joe Says:

    Hope you’re enjoying the trip. Sounds exciting.

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