What has communism achieved?

What has communism helped us achieve? I think this is a good question. I’ve been hearing a lot about communism lately. From middle-aged veterans, like the ones you can find across Berkeley, to college students who have been indoctrinated into believing that the genocidal wisdom of Lenin, Marx, and Mao somehow has something positive to offer the world, communism and socialism are being put forward by some as the solution to the world’s financial difficulties.

A Maoist rebel prepares to attack in Bihar, India (photo from Topnews, India)

A Maoist rebel prepares to attack in Bihar, India (photo from Topnews, India)

When I get into debates about the subject, I always start by asking “What has communism done to benefit society? ” The answer to this question is an elusive one, because unless you consider re-education camps, Stalin’s Purges, or Kim Jong Il’s cult-like dictatorship a benefit to society you have few examples to provide. Capitalism has provided us with much of what we take for granted today—automobiles, railroads, airplanes, internet access, computers, toilet paper—the list goes on. However,  a lot of pro-leftist/communist sorts will talk about Fidel Castro and Cuba—its health care system, its infrastructure, its emergency-preparation—and how that system has helped the people of Cuba. Well then, if Cuba is such a stunning success story, why is it that so many people on the island are willing to attach themselves to floating objects that are far from seaworthy and paddle their way to America?

Even if it’s conceded that Cuba has built a successful communist system (which it has not), it has come at the expense of human rights and liberties that Castro’s defenders on US soil take for granted. After all, it doesn’t take more than mild criticism of the brothers’ Castro to end up rotting in some jail. Ironically, American leftists who defend Castro often rant about the evils committed by the US Government in Guantanamo Bay, which, compared to Castro’s prison system, would probably be a luxury retreat to the thousands of prisoners being held in Cuba. I’m not advocating or supporting the things that have happened down in Gitmo, but 3 square meals a day, regular health checkups, freedom to pray, and a clean cell are hard to come by if you get picked up by Cuba’s State Security Forces. Perhaps it’s no surprise that several Guantanamo inmates linked to the Uighur separatist movement  have made very clear they would rather remain in prison than be deported back to Communist China, a country that has all but silenced the Muslim population of their native Xinjiang Province.

Enough about Cuba though…I’d like to talk more about what communism has offered society, both in the past and today, that has been of benefit. Unless you are moved by death, destruction, and dismemberment, this list of latest accomplishments by communists and their sympathizers will not impress you.

Communism’s role in today’s society:

July  24th, 2009: The “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” executes a woman for distributing bibles and spreading the Christian Faith. She was executed last month despite a claim by the North Korean Government that the state guarantees freedom of religion.

July 20th, 2009: FARC rebels attack a town in southeastern Columbia, injuring dozens of people and killing three others, including two teenagers.

July, 2009: Maoist bombers take down 36 policemen in India’s remote East with multiple landmine blasts and a ferocious gunbattle.  A dozen more officers are seriously injured and several others remain missing. The assailants—the feared Naxalite rebels, are inspired by the communist teachings of “Revolutionary” Mao Zedong and Lenin

Meanwhile, the Naxalites have issued a threat against Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, vowing that he will meet the “same fate” as former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was assassinated in Sri Lanka by a female suicide bomber dispatched by the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). Considering that the Naxalites have begun to imitate the LTTE in other tactics, does this mean that they are ready to strap themselves in explosives and go after Indian politicians? The answer remains to be seen, but communists attacking world leaders with suicide vests is one of the last things this world needs right now.

So does this type of system offer us hope in a challenging economic climate? You be the judge, my friends.


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8 Responses to “What has communism achieved?”

  1. Mason Matthews Says:

    If you want to look into the successes of Socialism, read up on the Socialist revival in Sweden. The Economist’s Democracy Index placed the Socialist State as Number 1, and the country’s HDI is ranked 6th worldwide. After reading Marx’s Manifesto, it didn’t make me feel that Communist and Socialist systems were the idealized way of running things, but I feel it did show the fatal flaws of capitalism and it’s economic booms which lead to the inevitable depressions and recessions that follow. I’m not a fan of genocide, but I am a supporter of many aspects of Socialism.

  2. Corey Hunt Says:

    I won’t argue with you there–except for the fact that most of the technology that Swedes enjoy today is a PRODUCT of capitalism. Socialism has proven to be an effective solution for small countries, like Ireland, Sweden, and to certain aspects, the UK–but it cannot drive a superpower. If America wants to go down this road, we just need to look back at Russia and India, both of which failed when guided by Marx.

  3. Craig Says:

    Good post, Corey. The thing I find the most annoying about Marxists is that they have successfully convinced a lot of people (especially in the third world) that democracy is optional, or even undesirable.

  4. joe Says:

    Any government that “redistributes wealth” to the degree of socialism or communism and destroys the incentive to work and produce has a limited life cycle. They are not sustainable and the people will revolt when there isn’t enough wealth left to redistribute.

  5. Corey Hunt Says:


    Thanks…you are right. This is especially true in Nepal and India, where the most vulnerable people have been convinced that Mao’s words have something good to offer them.


    I try to make this point all the time. It seems to me, that with socialism, there certainly is little incentive to work…this is why Europe is mired in high unemployment and economic stagnation. Do we really want to import this to America?!

  6. Amit Rai Says:

    Feels good to see your ideas related to Communism, but we are facing the heat of communism in Bihar, I can say it has totally diverted from its ideals and follwing the path of cheap publicity gaining.

  7. Corey Hunt Says:

    Thanks for the comment Amit…from what I’ve noticed, even left-leaning South Asians see the Naxalites as crazy. As much as I disagree with Marx and Lenin, I don’t think they would advocate suicide bombings as India’s “Red Taliban” have done.

  8. Re Says:

    @ corey hunt….
    I wish you could EAT your words now , you fool.
    Pretending to be an erudite on what communism is and what capitalism is not. What a laugh.

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