Tehran protests reach the Bay Area

The reports that the rallies in Tehran are stretching more than 5 miles across the city may be incorrect. 8,000 plus miles might be more fitting. Over vast oceans, Iranians from around the world are joining with their countrymen and women who are fighting  for their rights in their homeland.

I spent Wednesday evening in San Francisco’s Union Square, standing with the Bay Area’s Iranian-American community to protest the “re-election” of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the brutal crackdown that is causing mayhem and suffering across Iran’s major cities. I was happy to see so many cars honk their horns as they drove past the gathering. Some occupants even yelled to us in support while motorcyclists revved their engines to show that they stand in solidarity with the Iranian people.  


The message was very clear: Iranians from far and wide, all over the world, are not going to stand for what Ahmadinejad has done. Some protesters waved pictures of Mir Hossein Mousavi, declaring that he is the real president of Iran, not Ahmadinejad. . Chants echoed by the protesters included “Oh Iran, please stay well. Ahmadi, go burn in hell!”. I myself held up a sign with a message calling for President Obama to declare his support for Mousavi.


Protesters also called on the UN for support, urging the world body to step in and intervene. Personally, I have little hope that the UN will do anything to help ensure that the will of the Iranian people is represented. After all, this is the same UN that brought Ahmadinejad in as the keynote speaker at a racism conference in Geneva (I have the link to his tirade in my post below). On my way to the protest, I walked past the United Nations Plaza and saw the UN flag flapping in the wind.


After walking through the plaza and meeting up with the protesters, it reminded me that we all live in one world and need to work together to make it a better place. I’ve always thought that was the main message of the United Nations. Right now, the rest of the world isn’t doing enough to help Iran in its struggle for freedom. However, there was no shortage of American citizens who were ready and willing to stand with the Iranian people. Now if only our leaders had that same will…

I will be attending Thursday Night’s protest and hope to have many more photos to post. I urge everyone to follow the election unrest in Iran very closely.



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4 Responses to “Tehran protests reach the Bay Area”

  1. ataniell93 Says:

    Hi, I’m the girl who was standing next to you in the long black coat. See you there.

    ataniell93 on twitter and dreamwidth.org 🙂

  2. Corey Hunt Says:

    Great to see you’ve found my site! Thursday night’s protest was awesome! I will check out your twitter page.

  3. Craig Says:

    Hey Corey, nice to see you getting involved! I know how much you care about this issue 🙂

  4. Corey Hunt Says:

    Thanks Craig,

    I am indeed following the situation very closely, up to the minute 🙂 I’m curious if you’ve seen any big rallies where you are…

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